Your team is revolutionizing the work ethic working full days on Saturday to accelerate my paint job. Your professional team keeps the disruption to a minimum, they’re polite and respectful, tidy as they work and the best part is they completely clean up at the end of each day. Your team outranks any other contractor I’ve hired!


Thank you for your responsiveness when I called you about my bathroom project! I had hired a contractor who demoed my bathroom, then made error after error. When he stopped responding to my calls for 5 days in a row, it was clear it was time to do something. I called 5280 Lawn Care and Home Repair and you were at my job site the following day! Not only did you give me an estimate of the time it would take to repair much of what the fired contractor had left undone or done wrong, you offered immediately to haul away some of the trash he’d left behind. You have no idea how appreciative I am of the constancy with which you have completed the project...and done it right!

I’ll be calling when I start my kitchen remodel in the fall!


I bought my duplex before the housing market got hot and waited until 2014 to make improvements.

The exterior work by you and your team at 5280 Lawn Care + Home Repair made all the difference in street appeal. Eliminating the weeds and clutter in the front yard was an enormous task I couldn’t have undertaken on my own. Your team came in and within two days had cleared the front yard and in another two days completed laying the weed block and rock. It was a total transformation...just like those home remodeling shows on TV!

I got multiple inquiries on my unit for rent from passersby. I was able to rent the unit for nearly twice what I was able to charge previously. More importantly, it improved my value. And that’s a credit to the 5280 team!