Internal Multi-Unit Remodel


Every landlord feels the pain of the expense of restoring a unit after an eviction. Tenants who either refuse to pay or refuse to abide by the property standards normally leave an apartment in ruins. In the case of this unit, the tenants kept dogs locked in the property in violation of their lease. Consequently, the dogs peed on every inch of carpet and dug away at the carpet at the doorways attempting to be released.

Restoration meant removing all carpet and flooring, then painting the subfloor with KILZ to remove the smell.

A tile floor was installed throughout to create a clean, fresh base to a wholesale redesign. The baseboard was replaced throughout with a 6” baseboard painted a crisp white, that shows well against the grey used on the common area walls. The interior doors that had been scratched beyond repair by the dogs were changed out and painted gloss. And the addition of a door from the master bedroom to the bathroom to create an en suite accessibility, required installing a sliding door vs. a door that would “fight” with the bedroom entry door. Ceilings are painted white to offer premium results from the lighting installed, Edison bulb fixtures with exposed light bulbs that offer design intrigue and better light than if the bulbs were hidden behind a glass fixture.

The cheap cabinetry in the kitchen was removed and replaced with freestanding stainless steel appliances and a pine kitchen island, purchased online, was retro-fitted to function as the kitchen sink base cabinet offering extra depth to be consistent with the professional range depth. Appliances on wheels allow for thorough cleaning and the paint used throughout is Ralph Lauren’s granite palette in eggshell vs. flat because it washes well for easy maintenance. While the common area rooms are a mid-grey to minimize fingerprints while rounding the corners and in the kitchen and hall, the small bedrooms are painted white to make them appear to be double the size.

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