Reclaimed Kitchen

Using 14-year-old cabinets and appliances from another residence, this kitchen now functions like this millennium. The residence was built in 1873 and remodeled in 2000. The first remodel with white low-cost appliances quickly soured. The replacement of cabinets with stainless steel appliances, even though they were 15 years old, made a world of difference.

The oversized IKEA pendant light (19” in diameter) is a striking improvement over a Year 200 track light plus it complements the existing can lighting that seems never to go out of date. The owner splurged on the backsplash tile ($190 for this small area behind the stove.) It was too rich an extravagance to extend the tile across the entire wall of countertop, so the owner elected painting the wall area between the counter top and wall hung cabinets with writable black chalk paint.

Retrofitting the used cabinets in this space left a 6 inch gap on one end of the cabinetry, so the installer cut a side panel down as a filler piece. The intention was to use the granite countertops from the former kitchen, but when dissembling the former kitchen, it was discovered that the granite had been screwed and glued down. The granite broke and was not usable; instead inexpensive prefab counter tops from Home Depot were used at a cost of less than $120 for materials. In all, the only new purchases for the updated kitchen were paint, counter top, backsplash tile, new sink, disposal and sink faucet—materials totaled less than $1,000.

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