We have hired 5280 Lawn Care and Home Repair multiple times to wholly landscape our apartment properties. We couldn’t be more pleased. Our investment property practice has always been to start
with the exterior…the landscaping. That generates interest from passersby and neighbors. And it often leads to rental inquiries even before the entire property is ready to occupy! The crew from 5280 Lawn Care and Home Repair scraped the grounds, removing dead tree stumps and even egregious incinerators dating back to the 1950s. Edgar DeLeon’s work has modernized each and every property to compliment the architectural integrity of the overall design.


The sidewalk in front of my 1883 home is original flagstone, one of the few such remaining in Denver’s oldest residential neighborhood. Over time, the flagstone had heaved in places, making the sidewalk a hazard. Edgar removed the flagstone and flattened the ground underneath, re-laid the flagstone, and left the walkway looking perfect. It’s clearly hard work, nothing my husband and I could do even with the two of us. 5280 Lawn Care and Home Repair made the work look easy and got it done in one day!


When snow falls in Denver, I’m confident knowing that 5280 Lawn Care and Home Repair has my back, ‘er sidewalk. Homeowners have 24 hours from the time snow stops falling to clear the snow from public sidewalks property line to property line including ADA ramps. Businesses have four hours. February 2019 was the snowiest February since 2015 which was the city's snowiest on record with 22.4" of snow that year. Edgar and his crews removed the snow every time and on time, sparing our business from receiving any slip-and-fall claims or warnings and tickets from the city. Because the snow regulations apply seven days a week, not just Monday through Friday. I can leave town and have peace of mind that our walkways will be safe.