Protect your property and family with a solid perimeter fence around your yard. Built properly, it keeps your stuff in and keeps others out. A fence is a demarcation of what’s yours and what’s not.

Fences today are not your father’s fences. There are wood, PVC, aluminum, steel, concrete and stucco fences to consider. 5280 LAWN CARE AND HOME REPAIR has built all types and can recommend the fencing that best suits your requirements and budget.

Fences can be installed as visual barriers…a short length of fence in front of a picture window can be the ideal backdrop for a bed of flowers while keeping your interior private.

A fence in an L-shape around a back yard patio adds privacy and act as a wind barrier. One of the most intriguing privacy fences built by 5280 LAWN CARE AND HOME REPAIR is a 6-foot fence along the entire length of a patio with a window area open for interest.

Don’t fall for the knock on your door by a crew cruising through your neighborhood promising to raise a fence nearly overnight. The proper technique requires reviewing property lines, chalking out the perimeter and digging deep enough post holes to support the weight and function of any length of fence. Proper installation requires that post holes dry for at least a day before attaching fence panels…possibly longer if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The final piece is staining. You need a company that understands what exterior stains do best on what wood species.

Call us. We’re that company.