Home Repair | Remodeling

5280 LAWN CARE AND HOME REPAIR is responsible for quality, professional home improvements from painting to bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels. We’ve installed new windows and fascia, new eaves and doors. We build custom shower bases complete with bench seating and wall nooks. We’ve replaced vanities and removed tired soffits. We’ve enlarged bathrooms by removing 60’s linen closets and adding storage in the bathroom vs. outside the bathroom door. We install shower enclosures and shower sliding doors and panels. We repair and wholly replace tile.

We take great pride in our bathroom makeovers, considering it to be as important as a front door!

Our kitchen work has enabled homeowners to make better use of their square footage to prep meals on ample counter space, gather the family together without crowding, and clean up under task lighting. We put experience and wisdom into our recommendations when you ask. We consider flow and function, the ages of your family members, number of pets, and the amount of storage required to recycle while having ample stores on hand so that you can make a meal without a trip to the grocery store.

Invite us to see your home and hear your ideas to remodel the space. We’d like to be a part of you making your home something you will love to live in.